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Why these Stretch Marks

Why These Stretch Marks
We face various skin problems; among them one of the most common and bothering problem is having stretch marks on the skin. Stretch marks are basically a type of scratch mark underneath the skin, collagen is a particle that is placed in the deep layers of the skin, when the skin is stretched or contracts this substance tears and creates a stretch mark.

Women who have dry skin type have more chances to be the victim of having stretch marks. As soon as you notice any symptom of a stretch mark on your body you should immediately try to treat it as if you get deeper stretch marks it is very hard to get rid of them. Men and women both have chances of having stretch marks; mostly men who do weight lifting get the stretch marks very soon due to the amount of weight that they lift during the exercise while the muscles are being stretched.

There are many reasons for stretch marks to appear, other than weight lifting and exercise pregnancy is one of the most common stages where women have very high chances of having stretch marks on different parts of their body and heredity can also be an another reason.

There are ways in which stretch marks removal is possible; eating a healthy diet which has less fat, exercising daily and use of stretch mark creams are also effective. These are simple ways in which you can prevent your body from stretch marks and keep your body smooth and young.

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