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White spots on nails has a cure

White spots on nails has a cure

We all love our hands and like to make them look more prettier by keeping our nails in shape and by accessorizing them with nails paints and other accessories, externally you might do everything to care for your nails maybe by getting a manicure regularly or by trimming your nails and keeping them clean but internally also you need to take care. You might have noticed that you have white spots on your nails that look as if you have something stuck inside your nails because you are not able to get rid of it by a remover or by scratching it; this indicates that it’s an internal problem.

The white spots on nails occur due to several reasons like, calcium deficiency, getting an injury on the nail, due to allergy, infection, etc these are the main reasons for having these spots. If you think that you have a lot of spots on all fingers then that indicates a serious health problem which you should definitely consult doctor and get it checked.

Increase your intake of calcium and vitamin foods that can help you get rid of the deficiency. Supplements like zinc are also very effective to get rid of the white spots. Therefore you should soak your hands in warm water by adding a bit salt in it, it can also help you to reduce the spots and also help to keep your hands soft and clean from the germs. Follow these steps and get rid of the white spots.

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