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What causes migraines?

What causes migraines

Migraines are known as severe headache in any one corner of the head which comes suddenly and then fades away. It happens to a lot of people and then once it starts happening then they keep facing this problem after short intervals of a week or month. You would never know when you are going to have migraine attack again it can happen while you drive, while you are in a meeting etc. Therefore you should be aware of the things that trigger migraine in order to avoid this problem.

There are several reasons that can cause migraine, foods that have strong smell can trigger migraine like onions and chili peppers, and foods like chocolate and cheese can also do that. People who are addicted to coffee and tea also face this problem when they don’t drink coffee or tea in breakfast and after short intervals.

Change in behavior can also trigger migraine like sleeping less or working out. Women mostly after 60’s do not face this problem but girls in their puberty often face this problem. Environment also matters a lot, different type’s environment or a sudden change in it can also trigger migraine like hearing loud music, facing bright flash lights, rain etc. Therefore migraine can be triggered by things that are hard to notice and keep under check.

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