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Ways to avoid eye strain

Avoid Eye Strain
Eyes are one of the most precious gifts from God, and are also one of the most attractive features of the body that makes a person looks charming. However it is very important to take care of our eyes but on the other hand you would be wondering how can you do that because it is not possible for you to stop using computers and laptops as all your work and research has to be done through this medium. On the other hand we are aware of the fact that using computers and laptops can cause strain to eyes which can make your eyesight weak.

Weak eye sight has many symptoms like red eyes, watery eyes, head ache etc. Therefore there are ways in which you can avoid eye strain through effective and simple ways. First thing to keep in mind is not to continuously sit in front of the screen for hours you should always take a break and then again get back to your work.

Try to use non reflective mediums for work which are possible for example if you can read a report easily on paper that would be better and good for your eyes. Try to adjust the colors of the screen to a lower number, too bright light can put strain to your eyes and too light would also cause strain to your eyes as it takes a lot of concentration to read.

Wash your eyes with fresh water before sleeping and rose water is also a good thing to make your eyes relax.

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