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Way to keep yourself clean

Way to keep yourself clean
Some people wonder that they try every thing to keep themselves clean and away from the bacteria but what is still the reason to get affected by bacteria that leads to sickness. Well there are some things that we ignore in our everyday life but here are ways which can help you keep the bacteria far away from you and prevent a lot of diseases.

Starting with the basic steps, you should shower everyday and always try to shampoo your hair in a way that it does not stays back in your hair, that can be done easily if you do not apply the shampoo directly to your hair and instead that dilute it in few drops of water and then apply it on your hair. You should always brush your teeth when you wake up and also before sleeping many people ignore brushing teeth before sleeping but it is very important in order to stay away from all mouth problems and germs that can directly affect your stomach and disturb you while sleeping at night.

After taking shower always use cotton buds to clean your ear from the dirt and also from the water that has been left out in your ear. Always keep a check on your toe nails and finger nails because they can be one of the biggest sources for bacteria, try to trim your nails once a week so that while you eat your meal there is no chance of bacteria entering your mouth.

Also apply deodorant after taking shower to stay away from the stink issues, and lastly try to wash your hands before eating your meals.

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