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Wake up Energy Boosters

Wake up!!! Energy Boosters
Every day when we wake up we think why aren’t all days good when we actually feel so refreshing and relaxed to give our best at our working assignments, well some days when we wake up we feel fresh and some days we feel tired and not ready to work.

That is very true; everyday is not the same, but in order to make our day beautiful we could actually trust in some energy boosting natural foods that could help us feel energetic again. Coffee is always a good choice, as it contains caffeine which keeps you going.

One of my favorite energy snacks is banana and peanut butter either you make a mixture or else you could out some peanut butter on the banana and eat it, it can actually make you feel fresh and it is can easily be digested. Coconut water is also very good, always take fresh coconut water its detoxifying properties help you to feel relaxed.

One of the best energy boosting juice recipe is green cocktail, blend cucumber, parsley, spinach, kiwi and some lemon juice drink it when you wake up or when you feel tired, this juice is very refreshing as it contains vitamins which helps your brain function actively.

Vegetable soup is also full of nutrients and can help you to digest well and is also very soothing to have in lunch time or in dinner. These are all natural foods that can help you not only to stay active but will also help your body and skin to be healthy and glowing.

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