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Unprotected Sex and Morning After Pill

Morning After Pill
The topic of discussion today is how to avoid unwanted pregnancy after an unprotected sex with the use of Morning after pill. Is it enough to take one dose to avoid unwanted pregnancy or one should go through from a treatment after unprotected sex, lets discuss the topic in more detail.

Postcoital treatment to be discussed in this chapter, also calling it the morning after pill, it is the administration of estrogens and progestins in high doses, to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. There are other treatments that have only estrogen or a hormone called levonorgestrel.

The administration of the morning-after pill to take when one has remained unprotected sex when the condom broke during intercourse, or if there was a notice from receiving an oral contraceptive pill. You can also apply in cases of violations committed. The term administration is 72 hours after intercourse, but best results are obtained when treatment is started within 48 hours.

Treatment with high doses of estrogen or levonorgestrel has a theoretical failure rate of approximately 1%, while treatment with combined contraceptives, 2-3%. I.e., the contraceptive method is effective in about 98% of cases.

No one knows exactly what the mechanism of action, but it is believed that this treatment combines the delay of ovulation with a local effect on the endometrium, the lining of the uterus on the inside, thereby hampering the implantation of fertilized oocyte.

Treatment must be started within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse, and usually consists of administration of two tablets every twelve hours for three consecutive days, i.e. a total of twelve pills over three days duration of treatment.

The treatment must be used exclusively as an emergency measure, and under medical supervision. One cannot use it as a regular contraceptive method. The typical effects of morning after pill are vomiting and dizziness. To prevent vomiting, administer concomitant treatment with antiemetic, i.e., a drug to restrain vomiting.

Be aware that if you have severe vomiting within two hours after taking the medication may decrease the contraceptive effect. In this case, go back to the center who prescribed the morning-after pill. The levonorgestrel causes less vomiting, but the woman may experience tenderness in the breasts, tiredness and headache.

One should take the pill only after the doctor prescription, because there are situations that should not be administered, for example, when the patient or their close family members are prone to thrombotic events (blood clots in the legs or other areas of the body), or the patient has a serious liver problem.



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