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Unnecessary hair growth

Unnecessary Hair Growth
Everyone loves to have smooth skin and a great body, the amount of hair on women body varies from person to person. Androgens is a hormone that is present in a men’s body, women has less amount of these hormones but if they are greater in amount that means that the women would have unwanted hair on their body which men normally have.

Mostly the main reason of having it is due to heredity, it’s a family problem and is found in children as well. This situation is known as hirutism, it is known as a problem because women find it very difficult to handle this situation and they feel embarrassed.

To get rid of unnecessary hair on body parts like face, chin, back, legs and arms women run to salons to get their body waxed and even get laser treatments to permanently get rid of the body hair. Hirutism can also be caused due to body’s normal response to hormonal disorder.

There are many ways to get rid of the unwanted hair on the body that includes, drinking spearmint tea which is very effective as it helps to reduce the level of effect that androgens have on the body, bleaching also helps to lighten the hair so that they are not very visible and it can last a month.

However everyone has a different condition and reason for having growth of unwanted hair so it is always advisable to consult the doctor first, as if your condition is suitable this problem can be eliminated with the medical treatment as well.

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