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Unawareness of Over Weight lifting

Over Weight Lifting

We live in a weight conscious society, which is a good thing that people are aware of the side effects of gaining weight, so everyone is trying to avoid junk food and are putting their best to focus on healthy green food. Now a day’s health is just limited to maintaining your body and keeping it in shape. Hottest trend for men is to grow the size of their muscles and build their body through weight lifting, without knowing that carrying weight also has a limit and a professional trainer should always be by your side in this type of work out to avoid over weight lifting.

The worst part is when you instantly try to put a lot of weight on your body instead of beginning it slowly, as your body is not adapted to lifting so much weight so it can cause muscle strains and back problems which can last forever.

Most importantly before making a decision for this kind of work people don’t realize that if once started then it have to be continue for the rest of your life because your body muscles get used to it and lifting weight becomes like a need for your muscles. Putting a stop to weight lifting at that time would turn your muscles into body fats in no time and your body would start to expand.

I am not signifying that weight lifting is just not the right thing to do, but before making a decision like this you should firstly see your age if it is appropriate for this kind of workout, if you start in early age your body would put pressure on your back bone and will stop to grow.

Keep in mind all these factors before selecting a best type of work out for yourself so that you have a healthy mind and body.

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