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Tips to prevent drooling

Tips to prevent drooling

Most of the people drool at night when they sleep, it is very embarrassing situation when you wake up and find out that your pillow and your mouth is wet from your saliva. People ignore this thing because they think it’s something natural that happens with time but no drooling is caused due to some reasons and it can be stopped.

Drooling is caused due to excess watery saliva in your mouth it has various reasons, maybe due to some allergic reactions, sinus problems, breathing from mouth instead of nose, opening your mouth while sleeping, lack of sleep, nasal blockage, flu, cough, excess exertion, stress, drugs intake etc. There can be any one of these reasons, if you think that you have sinus problems or nasal blockage problems then you should immediately consult your doctor for a cure.

For people who think that they don’t have any such problem and even then they drool so for them we have some tips that you should follow. Firstly always keep in mind to brush your teeth before you sleep, eat dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping and don’t smoke before sleeping.

To begin with, you should try to breathe from nose while keeping your mouth closed which will keep the saliva in your mouth and will stop drooling, try to sleep on your back with your chin pointed a bit upwards, it will not let the saliva come out of your mouth if you breathe from your mouth.

Always try to sleep at proper times, don’t take stress and be happy!!!

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