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Tips to avoid oily hair

Tips to Avoid Oily Hairs
Many people are fed up due to having oily hair, you might be wondering why does this happen when like your other friends you wash your hair at the same day that they do but their hair are absolutely fine but you on the other hand have to wash your hair everyday just because the oils comes up on your hair and gives a very dirty and untidy look.

There are natural tips through which you can avoid having oily hair and washing them everyday which can weaken you hair roots and make your hair fall. Try to avoid applying oil in your hair especially in summers, and rinse vinegar for few minutes in your hair and then wash your hair.

Try to dip oatmeal in the water for sometime sand then apply it on your scalp it really helps to reduce the oil on your scalp and its properties help to soak oil from the scalp. Also try to keep your hair very straight while going out on the parties or get together this look can actually make your hair look oily instead you can try to put some loose curls in your hair which will make your hair look perfectly fine.

Boil mint leaves in water for an hour and then when the water cools off apply it in the roots of your hair it helps to cool of the scalp and reduce the oil as well. Try to avoid taking shower with hot water which will open the pores of you skin and produce oil in your hair. Try these natural tips they can really solve your problem.

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