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Tips to avoid dead skin on feet

Tips to avoid dead skin on feet

Everyone wants to have lovely soft feet and they do everything in order to make their feet look good, many people go for natural ways whereas some people go for saloons regularly to get their feet a good pedicure. It is time for you to know what problems can make you feet look dry, dull and pale. The dead skin appears on your feet very quickly as feet go through daily abuse like jogging, walking, dancing etc.

Removing dead skin from your feet is not very difficult all you have to do is follow these natural tips which can help you get rid of it. Soaking your feet in warm water for about 15 minutes by adding few drops of vinegar in it is very effective you can do it regularly till you get rid of the dead skin.

To make homemade effective scrub take olive oil, cherry green tea and mix them in water, make a paste that is thick enough to rub on your feet, make your feet a little wet and rub it on your feet for 15 minutes every day before sleeping it is very effective to remove the dead skin of your feet and it also enhances the texture.

Remember to apply moisturizer on your feet before sleeping it really helps to keep your feet soft and get rid of any cracks on your feet. Therefore follow these natural tips and get rid of the dead skin quickly in few days.


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