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Tips to Avoid Constipation

Tips to Avoid Constipation
Are you worried why you are unable to lose weight even after so much hard exercise, it’s due to constipation!!!

Constipation is a common problem it can happen to anyone at any time. Unbalanced diet or excess of proteins, iron or drinking less water causes constipation. Constipation is a dangerous problem as it derives many other diseases like blood pressure, nausea, obesity and much more.

Constipation is basically when colon soaks up too much water and bowel movements are difficult to pass. Constipation can also occur due to lack of fiber, like whole grains and fruits, foods that are low in fiber are foods that are high in fats like bakery items and oily food.

Medicines like antidepressants and sleeping pills can also cause constipation even travelling can cause it. Most of the time constipation problem is resolved with time without taking any medication or diet, but in that time it can make you gain weight and also cause acne problems. It is very important to eliminate this problem by drinking lots of water, eating high fiber foods at least once a day, exercising, taking laxatives like stool openers, lubricants and ispaghol husk.

These laxatives are very effective; they helps to relieve constipation reduce blood cholesterol and reduce acidity and dysentery problems. These are simple tips that you can follow and get rid of this big problem. You will suddenly feel the difference inside your body when you get rid of constipation, your skin will be fresher and you will be more active than before.

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