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Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Previously I was talking about Smoking addiction; today article includes some of the benefits of quitting smoking.  In only couple of days you will be freed from Carbon Monoxide that you were inhaling with the cigarette smoke. And automatically you’ll get a better level of oxygen flow in your blood. As most of us know smoking constricts the blood vessels, so the people with blood circulation problems find t ...

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Is Smoking an Addiction or Habit

One of the biggest misconceptions among smokers about smoking is, smoking is a habit. Yes it is a habit but why a smoker takes too long and hard to leave it then. There may be something more than a habit in it. And that is called addiction. Yes! Smoking is an addiction, when you feel an uncontrollable urge of something it is an addiction and that may take several rounds of treatment and education to take ou ...

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