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Get rid of dirty dandruff

Imagine when you are in a party and your hair are flowing and your friend comes near you and see your dress is full of white spots and then you just notice that and realize these are not white spots this is dandruff, how embarrassing would that be. Well if you ask me it could be something more than humiliation, because when you are in a perfect mood wearing a perfect dress you don’t want to ruin anything. S ...

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Do you want Relieve from dandruff?

We all love our hair and try to keep them healthy and shiny, so that the beauty of the hair can be maintained and new and different hair styles could be made to give a perfect look on every occasion. Dandruff is a common problem among men and women both, it is really sad to see when you scalp starts flaking off. It not only bothers you but others who see it on your head and shoulder it give them a very bad ...

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