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Get ready for that BIG EVENT!

Got a big event coming up? Prom, Graduation Or Wedding, whatever it is, you can prep during a week for that BIG EVENT. MONDAY: Start off with monday by repairing your skin. Tame your acne by keeping it in check. If you're breaking out from stress, use eye drops to reduce acne redness. It contains Anti-inflammatory agents and  constrict the blood vessels, so say goodbye to redness. If you really wanna reduce ...

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Tips On Lips

Lips Can Play Tricks Lips are a very important feature on our face; it makes your smile perfect if you have soft lips and it can break you smile if have dry lips. Generally people don’t realize how ignoring lip care can lead to many infections. Everyone has different shape and lip color that suits on their face, but they all should be aware of the fact that properly cared lips can give a spark in to your fa ...

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