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Avoid high blood pressure

Among other common problems that can damage your health and can affect you mentally is having a high blood pressure, it can be a very serious problem and people who have this problem for a long time have to keep a check for their blood pressure level and also have to use medications regularly. Having a balanced diet is very important for the blood pressure patients but for the people who have not experience ...

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Cure for water retention in body

Water retention problem is mostly faced by women, this problem is also known as edema. Basically it happens when water leaks in to the tissues of body from the blood, normally there is lymphatic system in our body which helps to remove the waste from our body but water retention problems occurs when the system fails to remove the water from the body and it stays in the body and causes different parts of you ...

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Tips to avoid Low Blood pressure

Low blood pressure is also known as hypertension in medical terms, most favorable blood pressure is less than 120/80. Now a day’s younger and elder people both face this problem in any time of life, people who are young and healthy does not have to be concerned about the low blood pressure for elder people it can cause a serious problem. A low blood pressure means that there is insufficient blood flow to th ...

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