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If you love your hair save them from being damaged

We all wish to have strong and shiny hair so that when we are in a gathering or with friends everyone notices our hair and can always give us a good compliment to make our day. Well that cannot be possible only by thinking about it but you have to take care of your hair like you take care of your skin. It is pretty similar you have to save your hair from the dust etc like your skin but your hair are very se ...

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If you don’t like straight hair follow these tips

Everyone has different perception of looking good and everyone likes to see themselves the way they want to so they dress up the way they like and make hair styles the way they like it might be weird for some people according to their likes and dislikes but you should be very satisfied with whatever you do. Everyone cannot have the same choice and same likes and dislikes some people might like straight hair ...

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Natural tips for hair conditioning

Our hair is one of the biggest blessings to us, especially when we want to change our look the first thing we have in mind to change is our hair. Not only on parties or different festivals we like to change our hairstyles but even according to our mood someday if we are feeling rough and sad we like to let our hair loosely open and sometimes when we are feeling like a princess we make nice braids with acces ...

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Astonishing Hair myths

Your hair is one or of the biggest blessing that you have as it can totally transform your ordinary look into someone special, so we always wish have long, strong and shiny hair which will look flawless when we let them lose and everyone would be stunned by the appealing look your hair has given to your personality. So we always take good care of our hair by eating healthy food that is rich in vitamins and ...

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If you want hair straight and long hairs like rapunzel

Our hairs are one of the most beautiful gift from God, and we all love our hair and wish to keep them strong and beautiful for forever, in order to do that we have to take care of our hair and see that our hair don’t have any lice or dandruff problems which play a very vital role in order to weaken your hair and also cause hair fall. So keep a check on our hair and also use a good shampoo which is suitable ...

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If you feel lice is like a knife in your hair

We all love our hair in fact it is one of the most beautiful feature that anyone could have which can give you a look that you want then you can simply change your hair style whenever you want according to your mood and the look you want, so people do that all the time either they keep their hair straight sometimes curly or just leave them open well it is totally your choice, but what happens when you have ...

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