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Sweets During Breakfast

Sweets During Breakfast
It is a worldwide fact or a belief that the more a person eats sweets the more a person gains weight and the more you eat low-curb diet your weight is under control. Going through different diet plans at different times of the day I have come to a decision that Eating Sweets during breakfast is more workable than having low-curb low-fat diet during Breakfast.

It was tried on few of my friends half of them had the low-curb low-fat diet such as egg whites etc and half had sweets like cake, doughnuts etc in their diet.  Both the calories count was the same that is (1600 for men and 1400 for women).   Both groups initially lost weight in three months around 30 pounds each but the low-curb diet group regained an average weight of 15 pounds in the next three months while the group who had sweets in the early morning breakfast lost another 15 pounds.

The group who had sweets in breakfast felt less hungry, had fewer cravings, and were better able to fulfill and follow their calorie requirement of the day as in the morning the body metabolism is more active and is able to control gherkin the hunger hormone.

So my friends who want to go on diet or want to control their diet should not fear to have sweets in the early morning breakfast as this will help them to stay away from food for the rest of the day and will enjoy controlled weight as well as will enjoy the sweets in life.

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