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Stretch your shoes with ice!


If your shoes are too small, try stretching them with ice. All you need is 2 PLASTIC SANDWICH BAGS and fill them 1/4 with WATER . Insert them in your shoes. This method works better on leather shoes, it can work on fake leather, but remember, fake leather tends to shrink to its original size. So, you might have to repeat this process a few times. Place the shoes in freezer and freeze it until the water  turns into ice. When it is frozen, take the shoes out and leave them to thaw for 20 minutes.

Now, remove  the ice packs, it should slide right out. This method can stretch the shoes out to an half or maximum of 1 full size. Wipe them dry. A little bit of water should not damage the shoes. Try them out to see if they fit. It should feel nice.

So, if you see a good pair of shoes that are not available in your size and is too small, go ahead and get them. You can make it fit. GOOD LUCK!

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