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Stop nose bleeding

Stop Nose Bleeding

There are several ways in which you might hurt your nose that could cause your nose to bleed, therefore for that you can apply ice packs and probably see a doctor to consult about your nose if there is any serious injury caused internally or not. But at times when you notice that your nose has started bleeding for no reason that happens when there is low humidity at your home, low vitamin K in your body, excessive heat, or due to hyper tension.

Therefore there are several simple ways in which you can avoid your nose bleeding, firstly take care the environment around you don’t stay in places that have low humidity and also try to drink lots of water which can help you stay cool and cleanse your system.

Avoid blood thinners like vitamin E, and try to keep your nose moist internally. Citrus fruits can help you prevent these problems as they are rich in nutrients and vitamins which help to make the blood vessels strong and also keep you healthy. Avoid fruits that cause you allergy and also don’t go in area where there is smoke and avoid smoking so that your air pipes are not blocked.

Don’t scratches you nose because it can damage your nostril as it is very sensitive part of your body and can easily get hurt. Try not to stand directly under the sunlight or heat areas because it causes your nose to rapture and bleed, eat healthy food and avoid oily foods.

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