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Stop excessive belching

Stop Excessive Belching
Excessive burping is known as aerophagia in medical terms, it’s caused due to swallowing air. It’s very embarrassing at times when you sitting in a gathering or with your family and you could not stop burping, and everyone around you is annoyed due to this problem that you have. There are ways to get rid of this problem, firstly you should try to stop unnecessary swallowing which can produce an excess into your system and cause excessive burping.

Ginger tea and citrus fruit teas is very good as it stimulates digestion, you can drink it after having your meals, you can also eat some mint leaves to prevent belching. Belching is also caused by food and cold drinks and problems like anxiety, stress, and acid reflux also are the main causes of it.

Try to eat food slowly and chew it properly and keep your mouth closed while eating so that you don’t swallow excess air; avoid fizzy drinks which have carbohydrates that can cause you burping, wear loose clothes which are not very body hugging so that your waist and stomach are not too tight to breath, drink chamomile milk after eating your meal its very effective for reducing gas into the body.

Consult your doctor always before taking any medication; this is a minor problem which can be solved at home as well with the natural remedies. Carbo.veg is a homeopathic medicine which is very good for getting rid of excessive belching as it increases the level of energy in body.

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