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Stop earache instantly

Stop earache instantly
Having pain in ear might not sound like a very major issue but people who go through it knows how painful it is, the feeling of pinching some needle in your ear is very horrible. So most of the people run to doctors to get cure of it but the pain is unbearable so in order to stop pain instantly you should know some remedies that you can apply at home and stay calm at the middle of the night. Ear ache can be caused due to several reasons and the severity of pain depends on that.

There are several causes of earache that includes, infection in ear, blockage in ear, due to drastic changes in atmospheric pressure example while sitting in the airplane, due to hearing a very loud noise for example a gunshot, or it can be due to swelling while getting piercing or maybe while getting your ear tattooed.   Therefore one of the most common reasons is when you take shower and water goes inside your ear so you should always use a cotton bud to dry your ear after taking shower.

Avoid listening too loud music as it can damage your ear and you can lose your sense of hearing as well. A very effective cure for earache is by mixing equal amount of water and vinegar together and putting few drops of it in the affected ear and laying down by resting your ear upwards so that the liquid does not fall out. Other than that you can take onion juice and put few drops of it in the affected ear it will also give you instant relief.

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