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Stop cluster headaches

Stop cluster headaches
Many people are facing this dreadful problem, but the main issue is that it is very hard to identify the causes of having cluster headaches. Many people say that cluster headaches are caused due to abnormalities and imbalance in blood vessels and chemicals in the brain, many people have researched and proven that causes of cluster headache and migraine have the same cause that starts from trigeminal vein.

It has been noticed that same family members does face this problem so it can be genetic as well. Other reasons which cause cluster headaches are anxiety, rest, and strong smelling perfumes of food, severe temperatures, hay fever, and sexual action. Consumption of some foods can also cause them and use of alcohol or even smoking can also worsen cluster headaches.

Cluster headaches happen suddenly in any of the one side of head, and keep repeating for few weeks then after that they just vanish for few months and the cycle keeps going on. Pain killers usually don’t help cluster headaches, it require different treatment for such pain. Firstly you should always consult the doctor about the type of medicines suitable for you.

Zolmitriptan is a nasal spray it is effective to treat cluster headaches but it takes some time to affect. Other than this Sumatriptan injection is given under the skin which is also to treat the cluster headaches and can affect within 15 minutes.

Therefore many other medicines are there to treat this problem but your doctor can be the best person to suggest you the right thing so that you don’t have any allergy from the medicine, it is very effective if you can stop consuming alcohol for the time period in which you are facing cluster headaches.

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