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Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy has been positively linked with many medical problems.  It is a public health problem because of the many adverse effects associated with it.  It can harm the health of both a woman and her unborn baby. Smoking is a major public health problem.

Dangers from smoking include poor general health, lung problems, cancers, heart disease, and many other problems.  Smoking cigarettes leads to cancer, lung and heart disease.  Emphysema is strongly associated with smoking cigarettes, a practice that causes lung irritation. Smoking patterns are associated with early childhood asthma. The relationships of maternal smoking can leads towards childhood asthma. Maternal smoking in  in the United States is more than 20 percent of women smoke.  Understanding the risks and dangers of smoking also helps women make the right choice to stop smoking.


Women who are pregnant and are trying to stop smoking need support.  Many experts recommend that woman should stop smoking before, during and after pregnancy.  Experts warned that smoking   during pregnancy is extremely harmful for both mother and especially for children.  Experts suggest maternal smoking as a predictor of lung function in children. Exposure to cigarette smoking influences lung function at birth.


Studies have linked cigarette with low birth weight, prematurity, and infant mortality.  Complications and sudden infant death syndrome are likely to increase due to the maternal smoking. Smoking has been associated with a number of pregnancy complications.  Some studies also suggest that smoking is the number one reason for adverse effects on babies during pregnancy.  The studies linked correlations between smoking and non-smoking pregnancies and the effects on the babies.  But smoking also affects unborn babies.  Do not let smoking destroy the lives of unborn babies.  Also, babies who are breastfed by smoking mothers are more likely to develop colic and are prone to excessive crying.


Together, the studies included 295 children with asthma, 9.2 percent of whose mothers reported smoking while pregnant. The mechanism whereby maternal smoking during pregnancy lowers HDL cholesterol in children is unknown.  But, whatever the mechanism, maternal smoking is an important link to the development of conduct disorder.


First off, please, you should not beat yourself up about smoking before, during and after pregnancy.  It increases the chances of having a low birth weight baby. Smoking nearly doubles a woman’s risk of having a low-birth weight baby.  Having a low birth weight baby is not the only health risk associated with smoking while pregnant. Smoking even reduces your chances of getting pregnant. It is one of the major causes of infertility in women and in men as well. Smoking before pregnancy affects the ability to conceive baby. Therefore one should avoid smoking to ensure fertilization. Smoking is by no means less harmful than drinking liquor and taking drugs in pregnancy.


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