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Sleeping In Excessive Chilled Rooms

Sleeping in Excessive Chilled Room
Many people cannot even imagine that excessive chilled rooms can also cause major problems and health issues. It is very important to be aware of the fact that chilled rooms can be dangerous for you and can make you sick.

Air conditioners have become a need in areas that have hot and humid temperature, but chilling your room is it what really should be done. NO!!! Especially for new born babies chilled rooms are very harmful as it can weaken their immune system and can block their air pipes which can cause major breathing problems like asthma in later stages of life.

I am not suggesting that you should sit under fans and not use air conditioners, but it can all be fine by following basic steps that could avoid health problems. Never keep air conditioner temperature below 20 Celsius; people who keep their temperature below it mostly face problems like coughing and sniffing at night.

You should avoid sleeping directly under the air conditioner to avoid direct air contact coming from it, as it can cause chest blockage and bronchitis. It is very important to keep in mind that switching suddenly from hot temperature of outdoors to a cold room is very dangerous as when you go through sudden temperature change it can affect not only your health but also your skin.

Other problems that are caused by air conditioned rooms with very low temperature include flu, body aches, sinus, sore joints and many other problems. We can avoid all these problems just by minimizing the use of air conditioners, by having a mild temperature and by putting a good moisturizing lotion before sleeping in air conditioned room to avoid your skin from being dry and affected.


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