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Sit less everyday and stay healthy

Sit less everyday and stay healthy
We all have busy schedules and busy routines which we have to take care of everyday, so we have a lot on our mind so most of the times we forget to think about ourselves. It is very important to take care of your health because that is the key to success. At first you might feel that if you just focus on the work and ignore your health it is fine but later on you will notice the side effects which will be very hard to cure. Most of the people have office jobs in which they have to sit all day which is the big reason for getting fat and being unhealthy.

You might not notice but sitting all day can actually make you fat very quickly and it is not good for your health because when you sit and eat and do not have any exercise or you don’t move your body it is hard for your stomach to digest food and so you upset your stomach and feel nausea.

Today we will talk about the tricks which you can follow and sit less and be healthy. Try to stand after every 15 to 20 minutes and go make your own coffee or tea instead of ordering these things. If you want to talk on phone try to stand and talk while walking which will be an exercise for your legs.

After you have your meal you should walk for few minutes and then sit. Try to talk to your employees in person by going to their cabins etc instead of using telephone.

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