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Side Effects of Alcohol and Alcohol Addiction

Side Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol addiction can lead people to engage in serious trouble and they can be destructive, both physically and mentally. Side effects of alcohol are several at present, the use of alcohol is involved in half of all crimes, murders, accidental deaths and suicides. There are also serious health problems associated with alcohol use, such as brain damage, cancer, heart disease and liver disease. Too much alcohol can destroy brain cells, possibly causing brain damage.

Alcohol substantially alters the structure and function of the central nervous system, preventing the ability to retain, consolidate and process information. Moderate alcohol consumption may affect cognitive abilities, while larger amounts interfere with the oxygen supply to the brain, causing fainting when totally drunk. Alcohol addiction may also inflame the mouth, esophagus and stomach and can cause cancer in these areas, especially in drinkers who also smoke. Drinking occasionally can cause headaches irregular alcohol abusers experience increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and other heart diseases.Alcohol also can damage vision and sexual functions be the basis for malnutrition and fluid retention. It can also lead to pancreatic disorders and skin, bones and muscles weaken and, therefore, decrease immunity.

A large portion of alcohol is processed in the liver. Importantly, the liver has a fixed rate of processing alcohol, so when the liver is overused, can cause disorders and malfunctions, making the liver the first organ damaged by alcohol. Liver damage can occur in three stages. The first stage is the enlarged liver in which liver cells are permeated by abnormal fatty tissue. The second stage is alcoholic hepatitis, in which liver cells become swollen, inflamed, and eventually die. The third stage is cirrhosis, in which scar tissue is formed, which decreases the flow of blood through the liver.

There are number of psychological pressures and mental disorder that an alcohol addict usually goes through during the addiction. First is severe anxiety, without having a stomach full with liquor the alcohol addicts most of the time remains unable and helpless to acquire mental peace and stability. It can even lead you towards solitude.  Well again Alcohol addiction and mental disorders needs one detailed article. In next articles I am going to discuss alcohol addiction treatments and may be one more article regarding alcohol addiction and mental disorders.

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