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Sex Addiction Treatment And Diagnosis

Healthy Sexuality

Yesterday I discussed about the sex addiction in general, and also committed to write next article on its diagnosis and sexual addiction treatment. Here are some of the preliminary assessments and symptoms of sex addiction.
 Questions to ask:

If you need to use Internet, telephonic communication or other means before reaching pleasure with your partner.

If you use sex as an escape to reduce anxiety

If the compulsive search for sex interferes with your work or social relationships

If you feel remorse or shame, after seeking pleasure of watching sex scenes on internet, newspaper or any other media

If you have the need to withdraw from the partner after sex

A single positive response to one of these questions may indicate the need to consult a psychiatrist or sexologist who will perform a clinical assessment, including by seeking the cooperation of the people closest to the affected.


Of course it is possible to treat this addiction, it is important that the patient comes motivated and have the support of the people around them. The treatment is not intended to achieve abstinence, really difficult, but tries to direct sexual behavior towards a behavior to decrease anxiety and discomfort generated.
At first, it is intended that the addict recognize the reasons that drive this kind of addiction, which can be achieved through cognitive behavioral therapy, conducted by a psychiatrist or sexologist, and with which it is reached control stimuli, the answer teach prevent identifying risk situations, develop self-control and cognitive restructuring to achieve a “handling” inappropriate thoughts, among other techniques.

In other cases you can use group therapy and teach relaxation techniques applicable to real life. You may need to jointly manage a specific medicine for these cases. On the prevention of situations, it is even reduce access to addiction: sites, moments, possibilities. They may need to delete the computer or mobile temporarily, the use of money, avoid that is just, and so on. In this must work both patients and people from the immediate environment. At the same time, you should take the time it was occupied by addiction to other activities such as walking, sports, reading or other.

Note that on the couple, sexual addiction usually fills the emotional and sexual needs of the individual, so there are many cases where the patient did not have sex with your partner, preferring to stay in their own experience sexual. The couple should be explained that in most cases is not guilty of addiction and is unrelated to it, as possibly started even before they met.

It was all about sex addiction which is increasing everyday in our surrounding due to the easy access to the pornographic materials. Ideally we should provide proper information to children and adults about healthy sexuality.

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