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Sex Addiction Is the Most Denied Addiction

Sex Addiction Disease

Today I am starting a new series of health topics. I am going to discuss in my forth coming write ups about various addiction and here is the first article from the series.

Sex addiction is one of the most denied addictions in over the globe. There has always been a compulsive search for sex, but today is becoming increasingly common, especially for the ease of access to telephones exists for erotic magazines, porn movies and websites dedicated or related to sex.
Various studies show the addiction prevailing in a majority of men, aged between twenty and forty. Sex addiction is a problem that eventually leads to a sense of discomfort to the sufferer and the people in your immediate environment.

Anxiety Caused By Sex Addiction:
In sexual addiction periods remain uncontrolled sexual behavior alternating with periods of some normalcy. Is becoming a real problem when it no longer controls the situation and what apparently is fun, it causes great discomfort.The affected person and justifies denying the facts, as in other addictions, increasing sexual obsessive thinking, sexual fantasies and the need to seek immediate sensations to calm the anxiety caused by everyday problems. This anxiety is reinforced continuously to think what the new relationship or link to maintain the addiction. It enters a vicious circle which leads to greater discomfort, as relapses in sexual behavior, reaching to produce the rejection of self.

Other Complications:
With all this, and so frequent changes in mood, communication and coexistence with the people closest become increasingly difficult and painful: the families suffer tremendously this addiction, and even children can inherit, as adults, their parent’s addiction. Family problems may be added the loss of other social or financial problems.
The affected person maintains his addiction with multiple relationships heterosexual or homosexual type, compulsive masturbation, pornography and abuse through the use of erotic telephone lines or the Internet. Such person devotes much time to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

In addiction to sex phone lines or Internet by the patient meets with a great effort with their sexual urges, does not require a commitment “real” that involves a personal relationship face to face. However, the process towards addiction is progressive, starting with the love of masturbation, pornography or through a personal relationship, even years may progress to behavior that they even considered dangerous. It was all about what Sex Addiction can do to the victim, in my next article I shall be talking about its possible cures or may be diagnosis as well.

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