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Say no to black heads

Say no to black heads
Waking up in the morning and the first thing you do is seen the mirror and notice how beautiful your skin is looking today but what if you notice that you have blackheads on your face which are making your skin look darker and dull. Well the real issue starts right there and you start thinking how to get rid of the blackheads.

Our size of pours is not possible to change, so if our pores are big they remain big and when due to sudden change in temperature your pores open and the dirt is stuck in them it causes the black heads to appear on your face, people with having oily skin are most likely to have black heads.

We all know that by going to a dermatologist or a saloon we can easily get our skin peeled off and get rid of the blackheads but its takes money, so if you want to avoid spending money on expensive treatments you can easily treat blackheads at home. Firstly you should wash your face thrice a day to prevent the skin from oil and that water should be of moderate temperature.

Use a good scrub for your face, which can help to clean the dirt that is stuck deep down in your skin and it helps to prevent oil on the skin. A good anti bacterial cleanser is very important for the people especially who have oily skin types as the regular ones would not be enough for to clean their face.

If you have few blackheads on nose you can use nose strips as well which is simple and easy way to treat the blackheads. You can also use a good oil free moisturizer to keep your skin soft; these are all easy ways that can help you get a flawless skin again.

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