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Rosemary a secret scent for refreshing brain

Rosemary a secret scent for refreshing brain
When we wake up early in the morning and we know it’s time for work, even know we are feeling sleepy and lazy we still have to go to work but that does not means that we will be able to feel fresh and do our work effectively, because our body is not feeling relaxed. So you might have noticed that you keep yawning and then at lunch time you feel like sleeping for some time instead of having lunch. It is very important in order to work actively that our mind is fresh and we are ready to work. So what should be done that we don’t keep yawning for the rest of the day, well some people drink a lot of coffee to artificially feel fresh but caffeine can be harmful for your health.

Rosemary is a known herb used for several therapies, it known as the brain protector if you smell the aroma of rosemary early in the morning for few seconds you brain feel suddenly feel fresh and all you laziness would vanish as it makes you mind fresh and active. It also protects your brain from strokes and diseases like Alzheimer, as it protects your brain cell for being damaged and also gives you a good memory.

Rosemary oil is also very effective it used on skin to make your skin glowing and to help rejuvenate skin. Also it helps to eliminate toxins in your body and keeps you safe from many diseases.

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