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Rice water for healthy and glowing skin.




You can use your delicious rice for healthy growing skin. Start off with a fresh cleansed face. Get your jasmine rice ready. It can be any rice as long as it is organic. Anything besides organic would contain pesticides that can be harmful to the skin.

You will need a COTTON CLEANSING PAD , a WHITE PAPER TOWEL , a BOWL, JAR OF CLEAN WATER, an EMPTY CLEAN JAR. Take your bowl and fill it with half a cup of rice. Fill the bowl up with water. Make sure not to add too much. Just leave about an inch of water on top. Stir it up real good. Make sure the water appears cloudy looking. Fill this water in a container. Now you have a toner. Soak your pad with rice water and wipe it all over your skin. This will remove any  impurities and excess sebum from your skin, leaving your skin soft and refreshed. This is perfect for oily skin.

Another way to use  the rice water is to make your own cotton mask. Just take a paper towel and fold it. Cut 2 circles out and make holes for eyes. Trim the excess paper. Cut out a rectangle shape for your mouth and cut one slit for the nose.  Pour the rice water in a bowl and fold the mask neatly in a smaller shape. Let it soak in the bowl for 10 minutes. Now take the mask out, squeeze out the excess water and carefully unwrap it. Try not to rip the mask. Take the moist mask and fit it on your face. Leave  it on for 15 minutes. Peel the mask off. Your skin should feel very refreshed.

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