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Reasons why you might not be losing weight

Reasons why you might not be losing weight
One of the worst nightmares is seeing yourself fat and people around you making fun of you, well in this case I have to say that people are very much diet conscious and are looking forward to everyday in which they can do everything that is good for their health and beauty. As everyone wants to look beautiful and feel beautiful that is the latest trend. People who have gained a lot of weight are trying hard to put that off as they are preventing junk food and other kinds of high calories food which will increase fats in their body. On the other hand they are doing regular exercise to tone up their body and to look good.

Some people are just too disappointed because even after trying too hard to put off weight and become smart they are unable to do that, as everyone has different types of body so everyone might not stick to one method that would be effective for them. There are several reasons due to which you might not be able to lose weight including, if your food portions are too big, you might eat twice a day but in bigger a portion that is a disaster, eat whole day but in small portions don’t starve your stomach.

Lack of sleep will also make you fatter; skipping breakfast will also make you fat as breakfast is very important meal for a person as it leads to starvation. Not eating the right kind of diet will also make you fat so you should be aware to eat food that is rich in vitamins and fibers.

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