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Preventing Ewww body odor

Preventing Ewww body odor
We all want to smell good, for that some people might have to use lots of perfumes and deodorants while some might have to take bath thrice a day due to stinky odor that comes from your body. Most of the time when you are in office or walking or playing with your friends and suddenly someone starts to stink very badly everyone tries to catch the culprit to humiliate and if that is you then what!!! It is surely a very embarrassing situation.

The reason for smelly body odor on your body is due to the bacteria on your skin, strongly aromatic foods like onions that you eat, and even due to puberty. There are many ways in which you can avoid and reduce the smelly body odor coming from your body.

A basic step that is recommended is to take shower twice a day and use a good soap, wear lose clothes to let your body breath, use antiperspirant at bedtime, shave your underarms daily, avoid eating strong smelling foods, mix peroxide in water and use while taking bath, use loose cosmetic powder in affected areas, and try to use a good deodorant.

All these tips can help you to confidently roam with your friends and enjoy the gathering of people without being concerned of the bad body odor. These tips will help you to comfortably enjoy social occasions and will save you the humiliation. Enjoy your life and be happy hope these tips are helpful to you.

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