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Prevent post nasal drip

Prevent post nasal drip
You might have notice that there are days when you wake up with a stinging throat, or simply like something is stuck at the back of your throat any such thing that you might feel is due to postnasal drip.  This problem is common with men and women now days; well in order to solve this problem you don’t have to go to the doctor you can try some natural way to treat it.

Post nasal drip is caused when there is overproduction of mucus, which is a liquid that helps to clear germs. Many things can activate an alteration in mucus production, example allergic reaction, anxiety, stress, pollution, flu, and dust, pregnancy, or sinus infections.

The symptoms of post nasal drip includes, coughing, sneezing, chest pain, cramps, itching, nausea, dizziness, bad breath etc. These symptoms would clearly indicate post nasal drip so you should be aware of this. Homeopathic treatment is very good for stopping post nasal drip problems as its made of natural herbs and it can help to relieve the pain and clear the sore throat.

Avoid dairy products it can increase the mucus in your body, herbal tea is very good to help with the sinus problems which might lead to post nasal drip. Try to blow out your nose so that the liquid does not settles at the back of your throat, the more you get rid of this liquid the lesser the chances are for the mucus to result in nasal drip.

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