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Prevent oily skin and snaps

How to Avoid Oily Skin
Everyone wishes to look the most beautiful; well yes people do have flawless complexions and pretty skin tones. The thing that mostly girls now days are mostly conscious about is that how do they look in their snaps, do they look pretty than their friends or not.

Even the prettiest skin can look bad if you have a very oily skin and some areas on your face especially your nose is shining in the picture which makes you look gross. Well if you are upset about this, then don’t be because I have few very effective tips that can help you look just perfect in your pictures.

Firstly remember not to use heavy foundations on your face in summers especially, try to use loose powder which will wipe the oil from your skin and make it look fine, try not to use foundation in the area which you think get most greasy. Also avoid using shimmers in summers on your face it can really make your face look over glowing.

Take turmeric power mix it into the milk and make a smooth paste after that with the soft hand massage it onto your face at least twice a day in summers, it will help you to have a good complexion and will also get rid of the oil on your skin. You can also use mud masks which are very cooling for the skin and are also very effective to get rid of the oil.

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