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Picture of the day


Are you guys ready for the picture day? A night before your photo, avoid too much of sodium like ramen, chips or anything that contains sodium because your face will look bloated because of water retention. So say NO to excess sodium and say hello to water. If you dont like drinking water because it tastes boring, mix some of your favourite flavours to it for that extra flavour.

Try and sleep early the night before your photo so that you dont look tired in the photos. You can also do a beauty tip. So the night before, put 2 clean spoons in the freezer, when you wake up, take them out and place them on your eyes for 5 minutes to help reduce the puffiness. Try not to pluck your eyebrows the night before, because your eye area might still be red. Avoid reflective glasses.
Before you take that photo, make sure to take a few deep breaths. If you’re nervous, this will actually gonna help calm you down. Another tip is Posture. Its very important to sit up straight. Posture is key! A lot of people chew gum when they are about to take a photo. DONT DO IT! Another strange tip is to motorboat your lips, this will relax them. If your forehead is intense, try to move your eyebrows up and down, this will help relax your forehead.Finding you best angel is really helpful, not only for yourself but also for your photographer. When it comes to smiling, try not to force or even worse fake it. Practice your smile infront of a mirror.

With these tips you can have your best photos. Good luck!

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