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OCD in Children Detection

 OCD in Children

As I committed when I posted Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that in next article I will write about OCD in Children. Therefore here I am with my commitment. Children are more affected than adults with OCD.  OCD usually appear about 10 to 12 years. They can sometimes occur earlier, often undetected by parents. The behavior of Children is often ignored by the parents, due to the lack of knowledge about Children Mental Disorders and Complications. That is the reason why symptoms of OCD cannot be detected at earlier stages.
How you can detect OCD in your child.
Often the child is afraid to talk. He does not want to be taken for a fool and does not want to hurt by his associates. He is more reserved than the normal shy children.

OCD child spends more time in his room or “territory”. In general, it will give the impression of being “sad and tired.” In fact, the obsessive behavior is often invisible to parents. His obsessive behavior can be witnessed through his behavior towards washing hands time and time again. Or it can be some other obsession for instance; he may modify his walk time and time again in order to make it accurate.  In this case, parents can take this as a game, but they realize quickly that it is accompanied by anger or nervousness.

Detection of OCD at School.

Often the child will continually check what he does or he will need to repeat several times what he writes. He feels obsessive force to repeat his sentences, and check the work. And the underlying reason can be his fear of embracement if he is wrong. OCD leaves no time for these children to perform anything at daytime and their evening rituals often trespass their sleeping territory.  We all know even intelligent students fail at school or perform poorly.

Educational outcomes are not the only problems related to school. The mind gets dirty can also lead to specific behaviors. Some children, who do not like being touched, would avoid at all costs the physical education classes.

Detection is essential for treatment.
Therefore it is essential to detect OCD as soon as possible. This will help avoid or minimize problems associated with: school failure, relationship difficulties, loss of friends … The role of parents is essential: the child makes less account than adults of the absurdity of his mania. It was all about OCD in Children, the above extract is only about the detection of OCD, in next article I will talk about OCD treatment.


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