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Nutrients to prevent heart diseases

Nutrients to prevent hear diseases
We all want to have long lives and want to life a beautiful life in this world, and a beautiful life could be possible when you are healthy and an active person who can face various challenges and can also be always ready for the upcoming challenges without being upset of worried. Our body is a blessing and so is our heart, heart is the most important organ it pumps blood to all the blood vessels. Heart is largely composed of cardiac muscle and connectives tissues, the average human heart beats about 72 times a minute. Therefore it is very important to take care of ourselves so that our heart remains healthy and so we could stay away from heart diseases.
Coronary artery spasm could be caused by various reasons including, using certain drugs, such as cocaine, Emotional stress or pain, experience to severe cold, smoking etc. You should avoid these basic habits which can lead to major diseases. Therefore there are some very special nutrients that you should make part of your daily routine, they will help you to stay away from heart diseases. Coenzyme Q10 is an energetic and very effective antioxidant; it plays an essential part in cellular energy production in your body.
Vitamin D is also very effective nutrient which you should have daily through different foods and sunlight it improves body absorption rate of calcium, also assists the pancreas discharge insulin, arouse bone mineralization, and is also very important for blood clotting and thyroid purpose.
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