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No more hair damage

No more hair damage
We all love our hair, in fact your hair is one of the biggest blessing to us we all like to take care of our hair to keep them healthy and strong, but due to our busy routines and work load sometimes we ignore to take care of our hair. You might not have noticed but hair dyes that we use on our hair also damage our hair and so when we don’t properly keep a check on our hair they start to fall off. When you often use heating appliance to either curl your hair or to straight your hair it actually burns your hair and make them rough and dry.

Therefore it is very important to stop our hair from damaging, in order to do that we will follow some tips that can really help you to stop your hair from falling and also make them strong. Firstly you should minimize the use of artificial ways for hair styling because using these heat appliances can result in more chances to make your hair damages and rough.

Always keep in mind that before you dye your hair you should always check if your hairs are washed properly and clean, so that there is no dirt or oil on your hair which could damage your hair.  Cut down the time for which you use hair dryers to dry your hair, which also has heat but you can dry your hair first by letting them lose and by standing under a fan so that afterwards when you use dryer you do not have to use it for a long time which will reduce the damage.

Do not tie your hair tight pony tails as it will pull your hair from scalp make them weak and then will result in hair loss.

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