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Natural facial wash for acne prone skin

Natural facial wash for acne prone skin

Everyone is very conscious about their skin and they do take a lot of care of their skin in order to keep it glowing and beautiful, but people who face acne problems do not notice that their skin type is a bit different from normal skin types and in order to get rid of the acne they have to use suitable face wash and toners that are best for their skin at that time.

If acne is not treated properly it can actually lead you to have marks on your skin that are very difficult to treat therefore there are some natural remedies that you can follow. Firstly identify your skin type mostly people who have acne have oily skin so for that first thing is that you have to drink plenty of water.

Take oatmeal and mix it in avocado and make a paste apply it on your face and massage it for few minutes and let it dry for 10 minutes and then you can wash your face this cure is very effective as these ingredients have rich vitamins and it can help to reduce the scars on your face and also lifts away the dirt.

Add few drops of lemon in cucumber juice mix it well together and apply it on your face it really helps to cleanse your face and also helps to fade the scars on your face with its natural properties. Try these remedies, they are really effective and can help you solve your problem quickly.


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