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Natural cures for acidity

Natural cures for acidity
Normally your stomach produces acid that is necessary for digesting food, these acid assist in breaking down the food in your stomach in order to digest. When there is surplus of this acid produced by the gastric tubes of the stomach, it leads to acidity problem. Many people suffer from this problem and rely on medicines in order to cure it, but there are some natural ways in which you can cure the acidity problem.

There are many causes for acidity it includes consumption of alcohol, spicy foods, oily foods, meat and drugs as well. Usually the acidity problems occurs at night when you are trying to sleep and you suddenly start to feel restless and have stomach ache, also after working out in gym you could face this problem and even after eating food.

Therefore in order to cure acidity firstly you should avoid eating spicy foods as it is not good for your health and skin as well. Try to drink aniseed water by adding one table spoon of honey it, when you wake up in the morning. You can also drink half glass of coke after adding a bit of salt in it to avoid acidity problem.

Use clove powder after eating every meal it can help to keep the acidity away. Hazelwood is also very effective to stop acidity problems. Therefore these natural tips can help you solve the acidity problem quickly and could give you relieve from all the pain and tension.

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