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Mantras for homemade hair treatment

Mantras for homemade hair treatment
Hair is girl’s beauty; everyone loves their hair and wants to have perfect, strong and healthy hair. So that they can look perfect when they make a hairstyle and go out for a party of a get together. Hair transforms the overall look of the person so if your hair is looking great that means you look fabulous too. There are several treatments for hair that you can make at home with natural ingredients.
Firstly Avocado is very useful when it comes to treating your hair. Take an avocado crush the skin of it and put in 2 tablespoons of honey and few drops of olive oil mix it together till you see a soft paste like form and then apply it on your hair for around 20 to 25 minutes and then you can wash your hair with fresh water.
Another hair conditioning treatment can be done by taking an egg white and mixing it in yogurt, blend them together and then apply it in the roots of your hair for half an hour and then you can wash your hair with water, it really helps to make your hair silky and healthy.
Oatmeal treatment is also very effective to treat damaged hair, take oatmeal and mix it in almond oil and put few drops of milk in it, mix them together apply it on your hair and massage it so that it is properly absorbed by your scalp leave it for half hour and then wash your hair with water. You would see the difference for yourself.

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