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Mantras for having flawless hands

Mantras for having flawless hands
Everyone loves to have flawless hands because while you interact with anyone you use your hands a lot, like when you meet someone for the first time you mostly shake your hands and for that you would always love to have good looking hands. Especially when it’s wedding time and you know that someone special is going to propose you with a ring you start wondering about do your hands look perfect or else what can be done.
Well there are many natural ways which can make your hands looks soft and flawless, firstly if you think you have spots or stains on your hands which are caused due to many foods like walnuts then you need to rub a lemon on the spots at least for a week. Vitamin E is very good for the skin so take few drops of that and mix it with lemon juice and dip the lemon in it and rub on the spots regularly.
Buttermilk if very effective for the skin when it comes to getting rid of the dark spots, you can apply it once a day on your hands as it helps to regenerate your skin and will quickly fade the spots on your hands. Exfoliate your skin regularly and also apply a good hand lotion every time you wash your hands in order to keep them soft and glowing.
These are some natural ways which would help you to make you hands look perfectly awesome.

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