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Magical tips for thick long Eyelashes

Long Eyelashes
There are simple and natural ways which can make your eyelashes look just the way you want, thick long and beautiful. There are simple tips to make long eyelashes. First thing to always remember is never to sleep having makeup on your eyes, avoid wearing water proof mascara that is hard to take off and that weakens your eyelashes, you should always wash your eyes thrice with cool water before sleeping.

Castor oil is very good for the growth and thickness of your eyelashes, the best way to use it is by putting it in empty mascara bottle and then applying Eyelashes are an added beauty feature that we can’t refuse it can make an ordinary girl look like a princess, now even in the cartoons the eyes of females having long thick lashes which gives an extra ordinary look in you. For females specially, eyelashes does have a considerable impact to their look. It is a special feature which makes your eyes prominent and appealing.

it daily before sleeping with the mascara brush which would help you to evenly apply the oil on your lashes.

Always keep a check on your mascara that it does not expires, throw it as soon as you feel that the smell or texture of mascara has changed otherwise it can cause infection to your eyes and will make your eyelashes fall rapidly.

Avoid curling up your eyelashes on everyday basis because the more strength is applied on your eyelashes the sooner they will become weak and fall. Eyelashes are very sensitive beauty feature so follow these steps and keep them beautiful and growing.

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