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Magical benefits of Henna

Megical Benefits of Henna

Henna is an old age tradition, which is also known as mehendi. It has been a famous tradition of using henna in many countries like Pakistan, India, Middle East and etc.  Henna is an essential part of many of these countries important occasions Eid and weddings ceremonies; it is habitual for girls to apply mehendi on their hands and feet on these occasions.

It was basically used as a medical ingredient in old times but now it has become a top beauty ingredient which everyone is using today including lower class to elite class. It is a natural beauty product for skin and hair. It is also used widely to make body tattoos in different parts of world; it has an amazing color which lasts for few weeks.

It is an historical plant which has many healing properties as well, it is used as sunscreen in summers, it helps with the baldness problem, leaves of henna helps to deal with sore throat, and it is also used to heal bruises. The way it is used is different for each purpose, for hair the leaves of henna are dried and then paste of them is made which is further mixed with other natural ingredients like tea, lemon juice, egg white to make a head mask. It is left to dry for 2 hours and then is washed with warm water.

It acts as a color ingredients as well; it has natural brown shades of color which lasts for a month on your hair. It makes the roots of your hair strong and gives a beautiful shine to your hair too. Remember to check the quality of henna before buying; it should be natural and pure form of henna which should not include any kind of artificial ingredients and chemicals so that It can give you best results.

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