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Love lit a charm in your life and health

Love lit a charm in your life and health
Everyone has a different meaning for love, some say love is honesty some say love is two people taking care of each other and some say keep your loved one happy is love, all this is very true but most importantly love is a good combination for your overall life and good health.

People who are in love have good health as compared to people who are not in love, as love is good for your emotional health which has a very strong connection to our physical health.  Everyone agrees that staying happy is very good for your health it can keep away the stress and other diseases from you. When you are in love have a purpose of staying happy for someone, to dress up for someone, to share your problems with someone and to console each other whenever you are sad.

Many researchers have also proven the fact that couples that are happily married are very happy and they have fewer problems and diseases whereas people who are not married and single have more problems like cancers, stress, and anxiety etc. Married people have higher rate of survival as they keep themselves healthy to live a happy life together, they drink less alcohol, and they regularly get checkup to avoid bigger problems.

We always have someone special in our heart, a person who makes our heart race whether it’s a celebrity, crush or our lover your brain suddenly releases hormones like adrenaline which make our your heart beat faster than it normally does and so it makes your heart stronger as well keeping away the diseases.

Life is short so people we are not meant to live a lonely life being sad and having no one to share so try to connect with people to build healthy relationships so that you stay happy for the rest of your life.

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