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Instant cure for Diarrhea

Instant cure for Diarrhea
One of the most common problem is of it can happen to anyone at anytime because the bacteria can have an effect on you at any place or in any food. It can happen due to many reasons including, eating unhealthy food, alcohol, pills or food that does not suits your stomach and might upset it.

This common disease can be treated easily in early stages but if it is not treated in early stages it can affect and cause weakness, body pain, and stomach infections as well. Therefore instead of going for heavy drug which can harm your stomach you can naturally take care of this dilemma.

The cure for is very easy and simple you can easily do it at home by taking fresh curd and mix it with one tablespoon of husk and eat regularly 4 to 5 table spoon. Ginger tea is very successful for the stomach it gives you breaks from the body pain. Fresh juices are also very effective including Carrot juice and orange juice it can help to pass your stool normal.

Stay away from dairy items and junk food particularly as it can degenerate the condition. Eat boiled      brown rice is they can help to solve your problem as they are easy to digest by stomach and it also contains vitamin B. Try these natural remedies and save the expense and time of going to doctor you will notice that these simple tips will have very good results.
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