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If you want to get rid of moles

If you want to get rid of moles
Everyone has different features and so does everyone has different types and sizes of moles, some people love their moles some people don’t care about having moles and some people just don’t want them to be there. So for the people who don’t want moles and want to remove it from a particular area like face then they do not have to go through a surgery and expensive treatments they can simple do it at home by following some natural tips that are very effective.

First thing that is very important to keep in your mind is that if you have a mole in a sensitive area for example near your ear or near your eyes then you should not treat it at home as you don’t want to harm yourself and create a bigger problem, but if you think you do not have a mole at a sensitive area like on cheeks or chin then you can easily treat it home.

Garlic juice is a very effective ingredient in order to get rid of the mole you have to take garlic juice and mix castor oil in it and apply it on the mole and massage it for 20 minutes regularly which will make the mole fade away.

You can also take pineapple juice and mix it with apple cider and apply it on the mole and then cover that area with a bandage to keep it covered, which will help to get rid of the mole very soon.

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